Winona Wolf

Winona was launched January 2018, but is being remade all fresh and shiny and new for 2019! Follow us here or on Instagram to see how it's going and when re-launch will be.

Winona Wolf is a young Moon Witch in training.

But a storm is causing chaos in Winona's little cove, can she pull off all the magic needed to save the day?.

Collect crystals, coins, plants, spells, potions and friends!

Transform with magic, avoid or jump obstacles and cast spells. Don't forget to listen to your buddy Foggie, he'll help you out, well, kind of!

Crystal Dash

Crystal Dash is set to launch soon, possibly August!

Winona hits the grassy slopes, riding her broomstick like a snowboard!

Collect crystals, cast spells, dodge, duck, jump and even launch off of ramps,

in an ever-increasing speed to the end, how far can you go?

Witch this space for more news!

Monster Smash
Hello Winona.png

Monster Smash is in early development.

Winona's school, the witches academy, is under siege from mythical, magical monsters.

Each beast needs a different spell to be defeated, lava beasts need to be beaten with ice cast spell and vice-versa!

Another super fun game, suitable for most ages and abilities.

Witch this space for more news!

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